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Sandra Gonzalez
November 12, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

So, can we all agree that last night’s episode, perhaps, wasn’t the best episode of Supernatural ever? Understatement, you say? Maybe. But I think that’s because I went into it with pretty high expectations, only to walk away with a mere three high-points: the awesome cake explosion in the opening credits, the brief appearance of (fully bearded!) Crowley, and Dean in a sweater vest.

The rest of the episode was less than impressive and found us having to tolerate one of the show’s most unbearable characters: Becky, who spent much of the hour married to none other than Sam Winchester.

Let me catch you up. We opened with Dean lamenting the absence of Sam during their annual Vegas trip. (He opted for a “granola-munching hike in the desert,” according to Dean.) But not long after unloading his troubles on the waitress at a strip club (stay classy, Dean), he received a text from Sam, who was at a nearby chapel getting hitched to the aforementioned fan of seasons past.

Not unexpectedly, Sam was under the influence of a love potion that was supplied to Becky by a crossroads demon who was making deals with people and then arranging “accidents” that would kill them before their allotted 10 years. Meanwhile, Dean worked the case with the severely underused and somewhat underdeveloped Garth, played by guest star DJ Qualls.

I liked the idea of a demon capitalizing on the desperate, under-achieving attendees at Becky’s high school reunion. And I think I would have really enjoyed this plot had it not been blanketed in the demented story of Becky’s creepy obsession with “keeping” Sam. Supernatural does creepy really well, but I’d prefer they stick to monsters and things that go bump, rather than things that make me downright unsettled.

The redeeming factor of this episode, in my opinion, would have been to kill off Becky. Not only would it have atoned a bit for her Annie Wilkes behavior, but it also would have given a little meaning to a pretty pathetic character. (The bonus would have been that, barring a ghost cameo, we’d never have to see her again.)

I totally thought that’s where this was going, especially after we realized that Sam had been able to convince Becky to reject the demon’s offer (25 years of Sam’s unwavering love in exchange for her soul). But, alas, we ended with Becky signing an annulment and once again being set upon the world.

I’m beard-deep in disappointment.

So readers, what did you think of the episode? Would you, too, would have liked to see Becky die? I can’t imagine she’d argue with going out while saving a Winchester, right? Did you, too, enjoy the sweater vest? And would you have liked to see more DJ Qualls?

Weigh in below, but first, enjoy a few good lines in QUOTABLES:

“I’m going to be sick.” — Dean, watching the lovebirds

“REALLY!? Superfan 99?!” — Dean

“It’s a waffle iron. Nonstick. You just…I actually don’t know how to use it. We good?” — Dean

“I don’t want another hunter, Bobby. Why can’t you do it?” — Dean

“He said you’d be all surly and premenstrual working with me.” — Garth

Sam: What’s with the scrawny guy?

Dean: Temp

“…hopefully fix this and everybody’s in time for America’s Got Talent.” — Garth

“This isn’t Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity.” – Crowley

Sam: Aww. You made a friend…

Dean: [warning tone] Uh-uh…

Sam: When I was all dosed up, I said some crap…

Dean: Wait. You mean she wasn’t your soul mate?

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