Annie Barrett
November 14, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

Update: Annie’s recap is live.

Welcome to the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars season 13! Four couples remain, the tension is high, and I AM IN THE BALLROOM! That’s right — your loyal Fringe Fairy is on the scene for both liiiiiiiiiiiive shows this week. Try to spot me! I’m wearing a black patterned short-sleeve dress that looks like a golden mirrorball threw up on it.

I’ll let you know where I’m sitting — and tweet throughout the show, here: @EWAnnieBarrett. Go ahead and discuss the two-hour performance show here, or try our more “live blog”-esque experience over at’s Viewer.

As I mentioned last week, I won’t have time to do hidden gems tomorrow because I’ll be arriving at the set much earlier. But just because hidden gems aren’t splayed out in all their tacky glory on doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Point ’em out amongst yourselves anyway! I’ll give you a topic: SPARKLE.

I’ll see you tomorrow morning for my full recap!

In the meantime, ask me anything about THE BALLROOM (or whatever) in the video player below and I may answer your question later on!


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