Shaunna Murphy
November 15, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

“I think the middle word sums it up there — love,” Abby McArthur-Jones said as she showed off her homemade Edward-loves-Bella poster. Abby is just one of the hundreds of fans who loves Twilight enough to set up camp for four days at the “tent city” in downtown Los Angeles, but she’s also one of the special few who camped with a dedicated Twi-date. “I’ve been calling myself a Twi-husband,” laughed Henry Jones. “To me it’s so worth it for how much fun she’s had.”

EW was live on the scene from Thursday, Nov. 10 to Monday, Nov. 14 to hear the stories and track the progress of some of the most dedicated fans in pop culture today. Watch as the teen-trio of Britany, Brianne, and Kaitlynn sounds off on tent city hygiene, and hear Megan and Kristen discuss their game-plan for charging security for premiere tickets. Breaking Dawn stars Jackson Rathbone and Casey LaBow were also on hand to give EW their thoughts on the fandemonium. “I actually signed a girl’s forehead earlier,” Rathbone said. “I defaced her face.” Watch the video below!

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