Ken Tucker
November 17, 2011 AT 09:18 PM EST

Both Community and Prime Suspect are on tonight with new episodes. You know why I’m pairing them, right? Because come January, NBC is putting Community “on hiatus” to make way for the return of 30 Rock. Community is said to return at “an unspecified date” but NBC has “halted production” on Prime Suspect, which means it is effectively canceled. Community has been especially good in recent weeks, and, if it helps NBC and those of you who don’t watch it to say this, very accessible and audience-friendly while retaining its densely layered comic appeal.

I’m using my weekly Fall TV video time to boost both shows and offer a plan of action:

So will you watch Community tonight, and petition NBC to bring it back in the new year at a very specified date? Will you be watching Prime Suspect to see what you may have been missing or are about to miss (as in long for)?

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