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Move over Jemaine: Kermit sings 'Muppets' tune 'Life's a Happy Song' with Bret McKenzie

Bret McKenzie? Present. Kermit? Present. Adorable rendition of “Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppets? Present.

The New York Times got Kermit and McKenzie to sit down at the piano (look at how Kermie is seated cross-legged atop the piano, how cute!) for a duet of “Life’s a Happy Song,” one of the four songs on The Muppets soundtrack that the Flight of the Conchords star penned. With McKenzie taking on Jason Segel’s part (who had his own piano time with the Muppets over the weekend on Saturday Night Live) and Kermit stepping into Amy Adams’ shoes, the two have such fun, effortless banter together that by the time they sing “I can’t seem to wipe this smile on my face,” the feeling is most definitely mutual.

Watch the full clip below. My favorite (and probably Herman Cain’s favorite) moment: Kermit’s declaration that “Life’s a pizza!” Good luck getting this out of your head, PopWatchers.

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