Aly Semigran
November 22, 2011 AT 07:40 PM EST

You know, if you think about it, the Kim Kardashian wedding and the Breaking Dawn wedding really aren’t all that different. They were both over-hyped spectacles with wildly inappropriate partnerships in which the groom could technically be considered dead and at some point a werewolf showed up. (Just kidding, Jacob shows up to the reception in human form!) Of course, Bella and Edward’s married life (seen here, looking downright elated to be on their honeymoon together) lasted just a little bit longer than Kim and Kris Humphries’ (eternity > 72 days), and brides still want to wear Mrs. Cullen’s dress. (Sorry Kim, no one wants to take their chances on a cursed dress. Also, it was cuckoo.)

Lucky for them, designer Carolina Herrera, who made the elegant, understated dress worn by Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn — Part 1, will be selling the gowns at her CHNY boutiques starting next year, according to Reuters. While there’s no price set for the detailed lace and satin original, for those who simply cannot wait to marry their vampire husbands, Alfredo Angelo has made a replica that’s going for $799. (See below.)

Michael Phelps: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Of course, no pop culture-themed wedding would be complete without bridesmaids dresses. Pippa Middleton quickly became the world’s most famous bridesmaid when she stunned in the white satin gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The dress is being sold on and is going for roughly $3,100. Don’t worry about the price tag and just remind your bridesmaid that the dress is versatile and she’ll get to wear it again and again. (In this case, she’ll have to live in it, as she’ll be homeless after buying it.)

Would  you buy Bella’s wedding dress in Breaking Dawn or Pippa’s Royal Wedding bridesmaids dress? Is this all just another Katherine Heigl movie waiting to happen?

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