Aly Semigran
November 22, 2011 AT 06:00 PM EST

Ever envied Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe or Alicia Florrick’s stainless steel kitchen? (Why, yes. Yes, of course you have.) Well, soon you might be able to bid on items from your favorite TV shows, thanks to eBay. According to Bloomberg, the company has recently launched an iPad app that will allow shoppers to purchase what they see on television. As Bloomberg explains, “The idea is to recognize the brand and make of clothing and props in each scene — a jacket worn by January Jones on AMC’s Mad Men for example — and let users purchase the same item on eBay.” (Not for sale, however? Betty Draper’s inability to feel.)

While analyst Ken Sena told Bloomberg that “success has been pretty limited” thus far for the service, as “it comes down to the media relationships,” it doesn’t mean we haven’t already starting making lists about what we’d like to buy off of our favorite television shows. Here’s a few items:

  • The decorative dead crow on Parks and Recreation. (There’s no Food N’ Stuff around these parts.)
  • Schmidt’s authentic kimono, his gravity boots, and/or his body gelato from New Girl. (Pretty much anything Schmidt owns, really.)
  • Big Carl from Cougar Town. (To drown our sorrows over this.)
  • Robin Scherbatsky’s wardrobe on this season of How I Met Your Mother, for the sole purpose of destroying it.

Which items off of television shows would you most want to purchase, PopWatchers? Will “TV commerce” catch on? Share in the comments section below!

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