Aly Semigran
November 23, 2011 AT 05:55 PM EST

Billy Joel: Kevin Mazur/

Three years might seem like an awfully long time to set up the punchline to a joke — especially when you know what the result of said punchline is — but leave it to Community to still manage to make it a satisfying payoff. Each season, a character on the show has uttered the phrase “Beetlejuice.” Since we’re in the third season (and, please, oh please, not last), that means the word has been said on the series three times. You know what that means, Beetlejuice fans! Watch the Community “Beetlejuice” sequences here in which they summon everyone’s favorite bio-exorcist:

Did you catch this when it happened on Community, PopWatchers? Or did you just discover these awesome Easter eggs now? Is this their best running gag ever? And where’s Michael Keaton?! Share in the comments section below.

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