Darren Franich
November 23, 2011 AT 04:47 PM EST

The upcoming Mission: Impossible fourquel has been mostly kept under wraps. We know it features star Tom Cruise climbing the tallest building in the world, thus setting a new height record for the franchise that will be impossible to beat (unless Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol; Part 2 features a space elevator, which sounds silly, but picture it in 3-D!)

We also know that it co-stars Jeremy Renner, the Hurt Locker Oscar nominee who is on the cusp of a big year: After M:I:GP, he’ll play Hawkeye in Avengers and not-Bourne in The Bourne Legacy. I like to imagine that Cruise brought Renner onboard Mission: Impossible just to help guide him down the path of action-movie stardom. This theory is borne out by a trio of new clips from Ghost Protocol, in which Renner gets extremely nervous about making a big Tom Cruise-style jump. Metaphorically, of course, Renner might just be nervous about jumping from tiny indie films to big Hollywood blockbusters. “Take the jump,” Cruise screams. “The world needs an action movie star who’s not a superhero! Jump! Jump!” Also, Simon Pegg wears a funny outfit. The point is, this looks much better than Mission: Impossible III.

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