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'Smallville' producers talk Michael Rosenbaum's exit, Lex's legacy -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Smallville fans remember the end of season 7 well – it’s when the superhero show bid farewell to series regular Michael Rosenbaum and, subsequently, Lex Luthor. And as this EW exclusive clip from Smallville: The Complete Series shows, there was never anyone quite like him ever again. In this tiny sliver of the 192 hours (!!) of content on the DVD set, which hits shelves Nov. 29, executive producers and fellow actors reflect on Rosenbaum’s unforgettable turn as the iconic character. EP Greg Beeman perhaps says it best: “Every once and a while a part comes along that an actor was born to play, and he was born to play Lex.”

Check out more from the DVD extra below!

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