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Kate Ward
November 25, 2011 AT 08:00 PM EST

Tonight at 10 p.m., enjoy an all-new episode of The Soup. No, seriously, enjoy it. Because after tonight, E!’s beloved TV clip show moves to Wednesday nights.

This is not okay. I know here at PopWatch, we take television way too seriously. And I know that what I’m about to say automatically reserves me a spot in the Saddest People On Earth Club. But it was always nice to know that if I couldn’t find anyone to hang out with on Friday nights, I could always hang out with Joel McHale. The Soup was good for a half hour of laughs, followed by, of course, a half hour of finding clips from the show to forward to your friends. Mankini, Courtney Stodden, spaghetti cat — such fun could not be found in any New York bar. (Some, however, might say otherwise.) The Soup was for us outcasts, those of us with nothing to do on Fridays who felt guilty about all the horrible television we watched. Yet, we were dying to talk about it with someone. So how satisfying was it to watch an episode of Rock of Love or Extreme Couponing and be able to pinpoint the exact clip that The Soup would excerpt? McHale, Mankini, intern Matt — these people simply got us. And we had them, every Friday night.

After all, The Soup is the perfect series for Friday nights. Not only does it serve as a solid recap show of the week that was, but it’s great television to turn on when you’re dying to turn your brain off. I find a dancing maxi pad hysterical come Friday night. In the name of Lou, how will I cope if I discover my sharp, post-Revenge brain doesn’t quite feel the same way on Wednesday? I simply would not be able to live, PopWatchers.

And that’s even if there’s space on my DVR for the series. Though South Park just wrapped its season, its return alongside Revenge leaves no room for a Wednesday Soup on at 10 p.m. I’m going to have to make a choice, PopWatchers. And since I can never pass up a helping of “Chat Stew,” I’ll have to wave goodbye to the Graysons, which means I’ll no longer be tapped into the “in” TV show of the year. But I suppose that’s okay: I can just find out what happened on The Soup.

But no: It’s still terrible, PopWatchers! Terrible! Are your spirits similarly destroyed over the loss of The Soup on Friday nights? Are you just going to watch it on Fridays anyway? And what does Greg Kelly think of all of this?! Chicken Tetrazzini!

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