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'Bag of Bones' website filled with Stephen King Easter eggs

Die-hard Stephen King fans are likely already aware of Bag of Bones, the miniseries starring Pierce Brosnan that premieres Dec. 11 on A&E. What they may not have noticed, however, are the 150-odd references and puzzles tucked into the companion website, Dark Score Stories.

Some of the clues – a Beaumont University baseball cap, a Sunlight Gardner Home T-shirt – are easy to spot, while others, like book titles and phrases hidden in scattered letters on the page, take a little more concentration.

Even if you’re not a streetwise King reader, the website has plenty of hidden gems. The series of macabre black and white photographs make subtle, eerie shifts as facial expressions change or a man’s hands close slowly around a young girl’s throat.

What Easter eggs did you notice? Does the website make you excited for the series premiere?

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