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December 02, 2011 AT 04:47 PM EST

Hey there, people. It’s that time of the week again.

Hope you enjoy this week’s spoils and join me in pre-mourning the inevitable hiatus that is headed our way (if not, already in progress). Why must the TV world put a damper on my holidays with such a dark time? I mean, what am I supposed to do with my evenings now? Talk to people?!? Sleep? Well, sleep does sound good. But the former just sounds exhausting and frustrating. Am I alone in scrooging?

Regardless, I hope this puts you in a slightly better mood if you are in the dumps about hiatus time. We’ll ride it out together! (Um, except when I go on vacation…) Anyhoo, make sure you’re sending me your spoiler questions, thoughts, and general suggestions to and following me on Twitter @EWSandraG for the latest goings-on in TV land (and, sometimes, pictures of pretty people on red carpets). Speaking of pretty people, if you’re a fan of Pretty Little Liars or Burn Notice, you’ll want to read the column very carefully today. (There’s some news about what I’ll be up to in the next week that you might find interesting.)

And to all, thanks a bunch as always!


After getting a flood of emails from Criminal Minds fans asking me about the 150th episode, I knew I had to toss in a few questions about it when I hopped on the phone with Thomas Gibson literally a few hours ago to chat about Hotch’s upcoming possible romance (more on that soon!). And while details on the case are a little premature to reveal, he did talk about the rumored revealing scene between Hotch and Emily. “It’s a really nice scene, and it touches on where she was in her personal and professional life in the last year when she was dead,” Gibson reveals. “And it also allows Hotch to reveal a little bit to her about what goes on with him. He says at one point that he’s tired of being profiled through his office window, where prying eyes are wondering what’s going on when he’s talking to people….There’s some really great stuff between these two. I’m hoping people will tune in and like it.”

As some fans might expect, the scene is more emotional than romantic, which is just how Gibson would prefer it. “So many people have said that they were upset that she and I have put the kibosh on whatever people thought was happening between them, but I think that both are professionals. They’d never indulge in anything more than a professional relationship,” he says. “Some were saying they want the two together, but as much as we want the fans to be happy, that we don’t see happening.” But one thing fans can count on is a building of tension between Hotch and Morgan in next week’s episode, which stems from the ongoing resentment some members of the BAU have felt toward Hotch after learning he’d lied about Emily’s death.

“It’s still not sitting right with Morgan. There’s still a little ways to go for Morgan and Hotch to clean the deck,” he says. “I don’t think Hotch thought it was going to go away and Morgan knew it wasn’t going to go away. But there’s a process and we’re still in the middle of it. I hope we can move past it.”


I think it’s safe to say that this has been Sons of Anarchy‘s best season yet. (You’re welcome to disagree… but you will be laughed at. :D) And come Tuesday, the final installment of the finale ends on a note that promises next season could top it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tackle some stuff from the inbox:

I hope nothing happens to Romeo in the finale. Does it leave it open for him to return? — AJ

I won’t/can’t comment on any possible character fates, but I will say that the first five minutes of the episode are crucial to understanding the rest of the episode. So make sure that DVR starts on time. And yes, this is related to Romeo.

I NEED NEED NEED for you to tell me something about the hospital scene between Clay and Jax — Tara (a great name!!)

It’s as intense as it looks. And Jax uses that knife. That’s all I’ll say.

Jax and Tara scoop! Jax and Tara scoop! — Lauren

The final image of the season — and this is, indeed, Jax and Tara-related — is eerie and haunting. And, dear, God, can’t it be Tuesday already so we can all talk openly about this already!?

I know you’ve probably seen the last episode of SOA. So anything general you can say about your feelings about it? Or how you’re feeling about next season after watching? — Luis

The episode definitely sets us up for an amazing follow-up season. But other than what’s served up for us on a platter (the drama within the club), there’s one plot that’s left open that I think will come back to bite everyone in the ass next season. And. I. Can’t. Wait.


Can you give me any scoop about Caroline on The Vampire Diaries? — Amy

Boy can I. It looks like Elena isn’t the only person who’ll be celebrating a birthday on-screen this year. Executive producer extraordinaire Julie Plec recently dished to EW about the second half of the season, which will find Caroline celebrating her 18th birthday — but there’s one small issue. She’s technically not aging anymore, leaving Caroline experiencing a bit of a “teenage life crisis.” “She says ‘I couldn’t wait to be 18. Seventeen is a filler year. I’m stuck in a filler year for the rest of eternity,'” says Plec. “She’s just starting to question what her life is gonna be as a vampire and kinda mourning the loss of her relationship with Tyler and feeling kind of unsettled and a little sad. And for Caroline to be sad, especially when there’s a party to be had, makes Elena and Matt and Bonnie realize they need to do something nice for her to kind of get her out of her funk, and they give her a very unconventional, untraditional birthday.” Fun, right? Erm… maybe not. “As things tend to happen in our show, things go terribly, terribly wrong,” Plec adds with a laugh.

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