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December 02, 2011 AT 05:00 AM EST

Readers Debate Dragon Tattoo
No offense to Rooney Mara, but hellooooo, Daniel Craig! Now I’m not nearly as bummed about the delayed Bond movie.
Erin Morris

I fail to see why there needed to be a remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo when Sweden already made cinematic history with their trilogy (Noomi Rapace brilliantly playing the part of Lisbeth Salander). Americans seem unable to accept that another country can make films as good as — or better than! — we can. I fear people will miss the stellar Swedish three-film experience available on Netflix for the cost of one movie ticket.
Christine Skirbunt-Kozabo

Are we finally done with the rape-as-entertainment format? Can we move on now?
Mary Campbell-Droze
Redwood City, Calif.

Twilight Still Divides The Nation!
The mail we got about our Breaking Dawn story makes it clear there’s no middle ground between the fans and the haters. Will there never be peace?!

The 15-year-old girl inside me wants to tear out the pictures of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor and tape them up next to MJ, Molly, and Ricky Schroder. The 39-year-old that I am is online researching how to laminate a magazine.
Monica Varela
Downey, Calif.

Okay, EW, I’m a long-term subscriber, so let’s make a deal: Next time you do a Twilight cover for the kids, how about a bonus cover just for the moms? That smokin’-hot picture of Dolph Lundgren will work just fine.
Vanessa Garcia
Columbus, N.C.

Paying Dues, Hollywood-Style
Since seeing Jeremy Renner in The Town, I’ve been a fan. Reading about Renner’s struggles hit home with me, as I am one of thousands in Los Angeles struggling to make ends meet while pursuing an acting career. I too have sunk to the lows of serving drinks and food in restaurants. I’ve also worked as a dog walker, an office temp, an extra, and a stand-in, among other things…all to pay for head shots, demo reels, workshops, classes, and, oh yeah, rent for my family.
Sean Graham
Los Angeles

So Long, Reege
In regards to the article ”5 Reasons Regis Is Simply Irreplaceable,” everyone is asking the wrong question (that means you, Gelman). It’s not who can replace Regis, it’s who can cohost with Kelly Ripa. It’s Kelly’s show now, and to be honest, it has been for a few years. Maybe the cohost should be a relative unknown that Kelly can take under her wing the way Regis did for her.
Sarah R. Olsen
Arlington, Mass.

Seeing Double
I loved Lisa Schwarzbaum’s piece ”When Actors Face Off Against… Themselves.” I think we should chuck every DVD on the theme of multiples into our Amazon.com carts pronto. However, Lisa neglected some of the genre’s bests: Peter Sellers (Dr. Strangelove) and Julie Christie (Fahrenheit 451).
John M. Edwards
New York City

I immediately thought of one notable performance omitted from your recent list of dual roles played by one actor: John Glover, who portrayed twin brothers — dyspeptic British expatriate John and sweet-natured James — in 1997’s Love! Valour! Compassion! Dour John smolders with resentment at the affection James, who is dying of AIDS, engenders in everyone around him. The scene where John acknowledges his jealousy to James, while being forced to admit that James was the one who got the ”good soul,” still leaves me emotionally depleted.
Michael Albert

Acting His Age
In ”The Curious Case of Old-Age Makeup,” you didn’t mention the incredible job done on Gary Oldman in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula.
Rachel Tiedemann
Setauket, N.Y.

Brian Howes and Joey Moi co-produced the album Here and Now with Nickelback (Music). In the movie Melancholia, a planet collides with Earth days after the wedding takes place (The Must List).

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