Darren Franich
December 05, 2011 AT 10:53 PM EST

Imelda Staunton: Derrick Santini/ Camera Presse/ Retna

Spike TV’s Videogame Awards air this Saturday, but buzz is already building about the fact that the ceremony will feature first looks at some new videogame properties. BioWare — the Canadian super-geniuses behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age — will be teasing their new series, which may or may not be a new version of Command & Conquer. Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski has already been teasing a new venture from the Gears of War gurus. (According to his Twitter feed, it will not feature space marines, which already makes it 25% more original.) But most intriguing of all is a mysterious 45-second teaser tweeted by Spike TV host Geoff Keighley which appears to be a post-apocalyptic PS3 exclusive. The video cuts in lots of real-life riot footage along with a narration that mournfully describes a world gone by: “The greasy smell of a downtown hot dog, the sound of a plane flying overhead…all gone.” Apparently, there used to be a link to an official website, lastofus.com, which featured footage of an ant; that website has since disappeared. In conclusion, we don’t know anything about this game, and it already sounds better than Driver: San Francisco. Watch the teaser below:

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