Aly Semigran
December 07, 2011 AT 05:35 PM EST


It’s not often Katy Perry finds herself competing with Steve Buscemi for bragging rights to something. (Sometimes, sure, but not often.) But the singer will be doing just that this weekend as she gets ready for her first Saturday Night Live-hosting gig, just one week after the Boardwalk Empire star turned out to be one of this season’s unsung heroes.

The promo clip for Perry’s episode of SNL (which she’ll host while her tour-mate Robyn serves as musical guest,) arrived and with it, in addition to wearing a shirt that even cats couldn’t get on board with (just ask this one…or this one,) the pop star shows off her comedic chops. While her imitation of her hubby Russell Brand is pretty great, she might might want to try her hand at drama another time. Or, for now, just leave that to Buscemi. Watch:

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