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Annie Barrett
December 07, 2011 AT 02:00 PM EST

According to a study by Forbes calculating return-on-investment numbers (don’t fall asleep!) for the 40 highest-paid actors, Twilight star Kristen Stewart is Hollywood’s Best Actor for the Buck. Every time Kristen Stewart gets a dollar, her films get an average $55.83, an angel gets its wings, and a random theatergoer gets a seizure.

Look at her in that picture. Is she pissed off, or merely awake? I can never tell. (Actually, the longer I stare, the more I think this could be the most jazzed I’ve seen her.)

Also in the Top 5: Vampire Robert Pattinson, Alice in Wonderland‘s Anne Hathaway, Transformers‘ Shia LaBeouf, and Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe. This is what happens when you star in movies that make tons of cash and also movies that are low-budge. Hooray! Now they can all demand more money.

The full list of bucking broncos is here.

Is it just me or does this study have sort of a “Look at all these suckers!” vibe to it? Poor rich people. Related: I’m so glad I thought better of my original headline for this post, “Kristen Stewart is cheap and easy.” That’s not nice.

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