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December 08, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

Angelea Preston was mysteriously eliminated on last night’s America’s Next Top Model All-Stars finale, forcing the decisive panel in the show’s Greek finale to be reshot and prompting rumors that Preston was stripped of the title (Lisa D’Amato was named winner on the episode that aired). Preston joins a long line of reality participants ingloriously ejected from their 15 minutes of fame. Below, we run down some of the genre’s most memorable forced exits.

More disqualifications than hits?

Before the first live show even aired, American Idol had already disqualified a performer, Delano Cagnolatti, for his age. It was the start of a long tradition that took off in season 2 when Frenchie Davis was removed from the running for naughty pictures and Corey Clark was dismissed for the criminal record he tried to obscure. Season 5 saw the charismatic Brittenum twins taken out of the game for identity theft, and season 9 contestant Chris Golightly was released for having record contract. Davis and Clark retained the greatest relevance: Davis competed on The Voice this year, and Clark announced he’d been intimate with Paula, creating a mini-scandal that he tried (unsuccessfully) to leverage into a stint on The Surreal Life.

Violence, violence, and… more violence!

Reality TV contestants tend to be… ummm… dramatic. Yeah, let say that. (Otherwise, they might beat me up.) From Top Chef season 2’s Cliff Crooks pinning down impish villain Marcel Vigneron (in an attempt to shave Marcel’s head) to Big Brother 2‘s Justin Sebik drunkenly drawing a knife on fellow HouseGuest Krista Stegall and asking “Would you get mad if I killed you?” there’s not shortage of maniacs on the small screen.

But the ultimate cache of aggressive louts belongs to the one-two punch of The Real World and Road Rules, which joined forces in 1998 to form the ultimate case for adding sterilizers to steroids: Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Off the top of our heads, we can think of three contestants who were bounced from different editions of the show for fighting other Challengers:  Tina Barta (season 13, The Duel), who spoke for a nation when she punched Real World: Los Angeles uber-villain Beth Stolarczyk; Chris “CT” Tamburello (season 17, The Duel II), who punched former roommate Adam King and a cactus(!); and Adam Royer (season 21, Rivals), who was also ejected from his stay on Real World: Las Vegas (season 25) for basically being a giant tool.

Sexual indiscretions

Oh, but that’s not where the Real World evictions end. Real World: L.A. roommate David Edwards was actually the vanguard of reality TV removals when his roommates forced him to leave the house after he forcefully removed Tami Roman’s bedsheets to get a look at her goodies. That without mentioning snot-rocketing ickypants David “Puck” Rainey. Edwards’ New York predecessor Becky Blasband probably should have been removed for starting a relationship with a producer, but the first elimination on those grounds didn’t occur until 2010 when The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love seductress Rozlyn Papa was robbed of her rose — and her chance to woo Jake Pavelka — when she hooked up with a producer. Think of all the Vienna she could have saved us!

Lamest let-go

On Apprentice season 10, Anand Vasudev broke the rules by sending texts to his friends in a pedi cab task. Texts! But for my money, the most inglorious exit of all was the ouster of Top Chef Just Desserts contestant Seth Caro, who was medically discharged after working himself into a panic attack… over paper cups. Yes. Paper cups. The producers wouldn’t let him use the precious cups he’d brought from home, and it was just too much to bare for his sugar-spiked constitution. Talk about a bittersweet ending.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Which was the most shocking reality disqualification of all? Which of these eliminated reality personalities do you love to hate most?

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