Darren Franich
December 08, 2011 AT 11:50 PM EST


If you want to see the concept of the Fake Movie Twitter Feed elevated to a mesmerizing art form, take a few seconds/hours now to go and see the fake account for the upcoming Cameron Crowe film We Bought a Zoo, which has quickly transformed into a brilliant scatter grenade of hilarity. The feed is sort of told from the perspective of Matt Damon’s character in the movie — a grieving widower who buys a zoo — but there’s lots of free association, and occasionally the feed seems to be coming from Damon himself, or even from some disembodied voice of the film itself. Here are a few favorites — get ’em before the lawyers arrive!

“Dudes from the Dept. of Health & Dept. of Business Licenses came by to shut me down. I signed their copies of “Oceans 11″ and they left. ;)”

“So glad to have so many followers after one day of owning a zoo and looking forward to buying even more stuff tomorrow! Where’s my daughter?”

“Ben Affleck just called to tell me he bought an aquarium. Hahahahaha. Idiot.”

“Let’s say you bought a zoo, forgot to lock the gate when picking up your Panda Express, came back and needed to find a lost tiger. Step one?”

“My daughter keeps asking why we bought a zoo and I all I can say is, “Wait for the movie because I don’t wanna spoil it!” She has swine flu.”

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