Erin Strecker
December 12, 2011 AT 07:33 PM EST

There is nothing more I could say here to entice you to watch the just-released video for “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever),” the track featuring Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez that they (minus a video’d-in Jagger) previously performed on the American Music Awards.

Much like Stefon regularly says on SNL, this video has everything: psychedelic color wars, motorcycle stunts, and instantly appearing screens of Lopez having a pose-off with herself.

I think the fairest thing to say is it’s exactly what you were probably expecting — if what you were expecting was a 2 Fast 2 Furious outtake crossed with E.T. (the movie, not the Katy Perry song, although, honestly, that works too) that at some point around minute 2 turns into a video game portal into the next galaxy — with a shimmying, rocking Mick Jagger to guide the way.

I hope you don’t get motion sickness, because there is definitely an abundance of what appears to be strobe-light-lite once this video begins to defy gravity:

There’s a lot happening here, right? Personally, I was surprised with the fake-out around 3:15; the music was leading up to a dance break, but instead of boogieing into Mars with Jagger, we just got more gyrating J.Lo. in a Britney-Spears-circa-“Toxic” outfit (also an AMAs redux).

Readers: What did you think? Or have you not recovered yet?

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