Lynette Rice and James Hibberd
December 14, 2011 AT 06:47 PM EST

Here at Inside TV, we don’t care how much money Harry Potter made or how popular Bella and Edward remain — for us, those 2011 stories don’t even come close to topping the headlines that came from the TV biz. Be honest, which did you spend more time talking about this year: Bella’s wedding dress or Charlie Sheen’s spectacular flameout and subsequent firing from Two and A Half Men? Yeah, we thought so.

Here’s our ranking of the top 15 TV news stories of the year:

Richard Beetham/Splash News

No. 15: Wonder Woman implodes Sure, it looked like a complete train wreck, but boy was David E. Kelley’s reboot of the comic book classic fun to write about.

Unfortunately, no amount of tight spandex on Adrianne Palicki could convince NBC to give the show a fall series order, so they opted to pick up a remake of Prime Suspect and something called The Playboy Club instead. (And you saw how those turned out.)

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