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Tim Stack
December 15, 2011 AT 06:35 PM EST

It was a good morning for Ryan Murphy as both of his TV series, Glee and American Horror Story, were nominated for Golden Globes. Glee snagged a Best Comedy Series nom while AHS scored Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress for star Jessica Lange. EW talked to Murphy for his reactions to the nominations.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you so excited about the nominations?

RYAN MURPHY: I was so excited because I wasn’t expecting either of those. Yeah, I was really happy.

I sorta thought AHS would get nominated because the Globes tend to favor newer stuff. Were you surprised more by that getting nominated than Glee?

I was surprised more about Horror Story than Glee because, first of all, for anything with “Horror” in the title to get any sort of critical nomination is a really uphill battle. I think that when the show first went on the air, I think it took a little time for people to understand and get. But I think that they have caught on to it and I think they understand that it’s our intent to try and do something with that genre that’s emotional. The Hollywood Foreign Press has always been so good to me in particular. They got the show right away. And I’m really happy for John Landgraf because he always believed in that show from day 1 and so did Dana Walden. It kinda made me laugh. It was a sweet, unexpected thing.

Will the Infantata be at your table? Will Rubber Man be there?

I’m taking Rubber Man as my date. My boyfriend is very upset. I should just have my boyfriend, David, dress up as Rubber Man.

Yes! I would love that!

With me cuddling our child Infantata. Or maybe Brad [Falchuk] and I should go dressed as Constance and Vivien, like the way Trey [Parker] and Matt [Stone] went as J. Lo and Gwyneth [laughs].

I’m thrilled for Jessica. Have you talked to her yet?

I talked to her yesterday after she got nominated for SAG, and she was in Mexico studying photography because she’s the classiest woman alive. I was really thrilled with that nomination for her and all the stuff she’s getting because I think in lesser hands that part would not have worked. Also, I begged her to do that part. I said, “Please just trust me. People will love you and get you.” It’s just such a privilege to get to write for her anyway.

And it must feel good for Glee to get nominated?

Yeah, as you know it’s been a really rough year between Glee and me, with a lot of misconceptions and a lot of things that continue. But we’ve won it two years in a row and they were the first to sort of get us and I think everyone is really excited about that. The Golden Globes is traditionally about recognizing the fabulous and the new, so the fact that we’re still in the game is great.

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