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December 16, 2011 AT 09:30 PM EST

After two years at the top, do these Birds really have a reason to be Angry any more? Topping three of the four lists for 2011’s top-selling apps, they were joined by another bird — one who sticks to a strict limit of 140 characters or less — an Internet streaming company who’ve had an up-and-down year, a seemingly unstoppable social network, and, of course, zombies. So what other apps made the cut? Click through to see the year’s most popular downloads.*

iPhone Apps

Top Paid iPhone Apps

1. Angry Birds

2. Fruit Ninja

3. Angry Birds Seasons

4. Cut the Rope

5. Tiny Wings

6. Angry Birds Rio

7. Words With Friends

8. Camera+

9. Doodle Jump

10. Plants vs. Zombies

Top Free iPhone Apps

1. Facebook

2. Pandora Radio

3. Words with Friends Free

4. Angry Birds Free

5. Skype

6. Netflix

7. Angry Birds Rio Free

8. Groupon

9. Fruit Ninja Lite

10. Twitter

iPad Apps

Top Paid iPad Apps

1. Angry Birds HD

2. Pages

3. Angry Birds Seasons

4. GarageBand

5. Angry Birds Rio HD

6. Penultimate

7. Fruit Ninja HD

8. Cut the Rope HD

9. SCRABBLE for iPad

10. Keynote

Top Free iPad Apps

1. Angry Birds HD Free

2. The Weather Channel for iPad

3. Netflix

4. CNN App for iPad

5. Angry Birds Rio HD Free

6. Kindle

7. Skype for iPad

8. Calculator for iPad Free

9. Pandora Radio

10. Calculator Pro for iPad Free

What app couldn’t you live without this year, PopWatchers?

*Based on iTunes sales.

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