Alicia Gbur
Chris Nashawaty
December 28, 2011 AT 05:00 AM EST

I’m not ashamed to admit that I kind of dig Eli Roth’s Hostel movies. Sure, they’re sadistic and sick, but there’s always a sequence or two that has something on its mind besides splatter. I can’t say the same for the direct-to-DVD Hostel: ?Part III (2011, Not Rated, 1 hr., 28 mins.). Not having Roth behind the camera was the first mistake. Moving from grimy Eastern Europe, where life is cheap, was the ­second. Part III follows four horny ­bachelor-party jerks to Las Vegas, where they wind up on the business end of some very nasty torture implements. The movie wants to be The Hangover with a body count, but it’s just a bloody mess. C

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