Breia Brissey
January 02, 2012 AT 07:18 PM EST

Tuesday’s all-new Extreme Couponing All-Stars features a battle between Jen and her “coupon angels” and Joni and her “coupontourage.” Both ladies devise a shopping strategy to purchase $500 worth of items in only 30 minutes. The victor will earn the title “Ultimate Extreme Couponer,” and their hauls go to a local charity. After the jump watch Jen go after canned goods because, well, who doesn’t need 400 cans of vegetables?

[tiBrightcove playerID=”77867086001″ videoID=”1352648237001″ width=”510″ height=”340″]

Extreme Couponing All-Stars airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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