Aly Semigran
January 05, 2012 AT 03:25 PM EST

Lost: Mario Perez

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert really almost make it worth it, don’t they? Even though we still have to endure 10 more months of endless media coverage of the 2012 election, it’s comforting to know the hosts of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be there to keep us sane throughout, just like they have in years past.

The Comedy Central funny men definitely made it worth the while of those who stayed up until the wee hours of the morning (or as Colbert correctly noted, a time of day when no one, especially not Fox News anchors, has “basic mental functions”) on Wednesday to find out the results of the Iowa Caucus. Both Colbert and Stewart took aim at cable news’ over-coverage of the process, including CNN’s use of “flicking” technology to report on the caucus. (Where’s hologram when you need him?) Colbert, as always, showed them how it’s really done:

“That’s how you report an election, guys.” Damn straight.

Of course, neither Colbert nor Stewart let the GOP candidates taking part in the Iowa Caucus get off any easier. (Please, refrain from any Rick Santorum joke you might be tempted to make. Stewart promised he would only make fun of the Google-able candidate for “his absolutely absurd and sometimes vile political and social viewpoints.”) While Colbert took aim at Mitt Romney (who had his latest night since a bout with “heart burn from a particularly spicy Wheat Thin”) and his repeated affection for “America, the Beautiful,” Stewart gave a hilarious send off to Michele Bachmann, who dropped out of the race, and her husband Marcus’ “completely heterosexual devotion devotion to dog accessories.” Watch:

Who had the most fun with the Iowa coverage madness last night, Colbert or Stewart? Do The Daily Show and The Colbert Report make election years a little more tolerable for you as well? Share in the comments section below.

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