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Jeff Jensen
January 06, 2012 AT 11:13 PM EST

The fourth season of Fringe was just hitting its creative stride in November when the network decided to give the acclaimed yet perpetually ratings-challenged sci-fi saga an extended holiday break. Actually, the story of a timeline reboot that left Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) eradicated from history (but not existence) had barely even begun when “Wallflower” — the season’s seventh episode — took the show into the break with the shocking revelation that Massive Dynamic honcho Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) has been secretly dosing Agent Dunham (Anna Torv) with migraine-inducing mystery drugs.

The drama returns on Jan. 13 with an episode entitled “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” that will take our heroes to the “over there” world (Finally! The return of Walternate!) and brings back a villain Fringe fans have been craving to see since his memorable season 1 appearances: David Robert Jones, played by Jared Harris, the Mad Men star fresh off his much-praised turn as Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. (You can see a promo for the January episodes here.)

Fox has produced a five-minute recap video narrated by star John Noble — part of its “Fringe: Past + Present + Future” series, highly recommended for newbies — that does a really great job of summarizing the season-to-date story, plus gives you a tidbit from an upcoming episode that sets up the matter at hand: Can Peter find a way to get back to his own timeline? Check it out if you’re foggy on your Fringe — or if you just want to get fan’d up for the show’s return next week. Watch it below or here.

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