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January 12, 2012 AT 06:34 PM EST

Tonight, after the long-awaited winter finale of Bones treats us to a new big bad, Fox debuts The Finder. If you saw the Bones episode last spring that introduced us to Walter Sherman (Happy Town‘s Geoff Stults), you’ll recall that he’s a former military policeman who believes the brain damage he suffered in Iraq is responsible for the nonlinear thinking that now allows him to find anything and anyone (guest star John Fogerty’s guitar and a downed pilot, in the premiere). ”It’s got elements of The Fall Guy, The Rockford Files, and Magnum, P.I.,” Stults says. ”I’ve been flying ultralights. I’ve been underwater. I’ve gotten beat up by contortionists. My whole goal is that it’s an hour of fun.” What else awaits us? Here’s what Stults and creator Hart Hanson had to say:

• Partial nudity: “It seems like every episode they’re finding ways to make Walter take his clothes off. It’s ridiculous. He’s definitely pre- and post-coitus,” Stults says. Walter has an on-again, off-again relationship with Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada (Mercedes Masöhn), with whom he trades information. “What else does he do… He’s on a jet ski. He’s running. It’s Miami, it’s hot. So he’s always got a reason to have his shirt off. Sometimes I’ll look at a script, I’ll read it real quickly, and go, ‘Alright, good. I don’t have to take my shirt off. I don’t have to work out.’ And then I’ll realize that I never read the fine print, and I’m like, ‘Ah, son of a bitch.’ Then I gotta run in the other room to do push-ups or something.” 

He should look good: Because he and Michael Clarke Duncan, who costars as Walter’s legal adviser and occasional bodyguard, Leo Knox, are on set so much, they had a pull-up bar and a dip machine installed. “If somebody screws up a line, they have to run over there and do pull-ups. Or, if you forget to turn your phone off and it goes off during a scene, that’s automatically 20 push-ups. There’s no waiting — you do it right then and the cameras keep rolling. That’s the thing that keeps us going,” Stultz says. “We’ve gotten a lot of the crew guys involved in it, too. We would do competitions to see who could do the most pull-ups and push-ups in a day. We got Hart and Dan [Sackheim], the creator and exec producer, involved in it. We make bets on how many they can do. I’m not a cigarette smoker or a coffee drinker, so on those long days, instead of running out to have a cigarette, you end up having to do some pull-ups or dips just to stay awake.”

Laughs Hanson, “It’s pretty funny. Not everyone in show business is in tip-top shape. The writers are scared to go to the set.”

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