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Poll: Who should win big at the Golden Globes on Sunday?


The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards will air on Sunday, a (hopefully) boozy pre-Oscar self-congratulation-fest that will inevitably lead to the thinning of thousands of wallets, as poor Amurikans nationwide lose their office ballot pools. Which isn’t cool, because you’ll need that money when you lose your March Madness office ballot pool in a few weeks.

So before you cast your vote for Tilda Swinton over Viola Davis (It’s so her year!), scan your options and see what the other kids are picking below – because going with the mass consensus is always the safest bet! Be sure to defend any controversial choices, like, say, anything that isn’t Downton Abbey, in the comments below. 

[polldaddy poll=”5832695”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832700”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832705”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832736”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832746”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832759”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832781”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832801”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832825”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832842”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832853”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832870”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832875”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832885”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832894”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832901”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832909”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832933”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832945”]

[polldaddy poll=”5832951”]

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