James Hibberd
January 18, 2012 AT 06:50 PM EST

Remember the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America in which a wealthy African prince went undercover in a working-class New York borough to find true love?

That’s essentially the idea behind two intriguing new TLC reality shows: Undercover Princes and Undercover Princesses, where real-life royalty disguise their heritage to find humble and loving partners.

The series follow six royal heirs from countries such as Germany, South Africa, Uganda, and India as they hit UK bars, clubs, and online dating sites trying to find somebody who will love them without knowing their regal status. They’ll also ditch their servants and learning to cook, clean and shop for themselves. Plus, the princes/princesses will work regular jobs, such as waiting tables and cleaning hotels.

Princes is set to launch at the end of the month, Jan. 31 at 10 p.m., while Princesses will premiere Feb. 28 at 10 p.m. Then there’s a special that will update viewers on March 27. Both programs originally aired on BBC Three and are produced by Objective Productions.


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