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Cobra Starship and Mac Miller give their 'Middle Finger' in new video: Watch it here

Cobra Starship

For a band who first got famous with a single called “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It),” Cobra Starship have carved out  a nice niche for themselves in playful instant-meme pop. Such is the case with their new video for “Middle Finger,” the third single from their latest album Night Shades.

In the clip, which also stars guest rapper Mac Miller, members of the band accidentally terrorize people on a tour through town. The victims, including a liquor-store clerk paid entirely in change and a maladjusted cab driver, all toss middle digits in the band’s direction.

The clip premiered on MTV, and as one of the commenters page pointed out, it’s a little silly that the titular digits are blurred out per MTV’s censorship department. Perhaps it’s a meta-commentary? Decide for yourself below.

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Meanwhile, the Starship’s smash hit “You Make Me Feel…” just spent its 27th week on the Billboard Hot 100, having peaked at No. 7 and showing little sign of slowing down (though we remain partial to their work as Dick Bagwell and Vincent Twice).

What do you think of “Middle Finger”? Flip off a comment below.

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