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January 20, 2012 AT 11:06 PM EST

Since President Obama revealed, albeit very briefly, that he has a voice like fine, fine satin last night, we were reminded about some of the other remarkable singing politicians who’ve tickled our ears over the decades. We’ll leave aside performers like Ronald Reagan and Sonny Bono who turned to politics later in life. Also, sorry, John McCain. You were a little pitchy, dawg. So who are our top 5 political performers? Read on…

5. John Ashcroft: Soaring eagles and Singing Senators

The Senator-turned-Attorney General’s passion for music was met with mixed reviews. Though he received pretty much universal scorn for his 2002 American anthem “Let the Eagle Soar,” he was at his best before he joined the Executive Branch when he teamed up with fellow Republican Senators Larry Craig, Jim Jeffords, and Trent Lott to form the ’90s boy band sensation The Singing Senators. Unfortunately, the 2000s were a tough time for the group as Jeffords defected to the Independent party, Craig became embroiled in a gay sex scandal, and Lott resigned to become a lobbyist.

John Ashcroft – “Let the Eagle Soar”

The Singing Senators – “Elvira”

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