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'Revenge': Inside TV's greatest guilty pleasure

Summer in the Hamptons may be over, but things are about to get a lot hotter on ABC's addictive hit drama. From a killer engagement party to twisted schemes -- and maybe even some steamy love-triangle action -- the drama at the beach is just getting started. Read on for all the secrets to what's ahead

The mind’s behind ABC’s buzzy soap Revenge have learned their lesson when it comes to spoilers. ”It took us by surprise in December when we had a photo leak onto a website that showed Tyler with a gun to Emily’s head,” recalls creator Mike Kelley. ”It never occurred to me that people would have an interest in exposing what we’re doing. Considering the nature of the show we’re writing, it probably should have.”

He’s being humble, clearly, given Revenge’s fervent fan base and the fact that one of the most anticipated reveals of the season is just around the corner. If you thought the recent paternity jaw-dropper concerning Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) was shocking (and it was), just wait. In an explosive pair of upcoming episodes — airing Feb. 8 and Feb. 15 — viewers will finally learn what actually happened in the deadly beach scene that opened the series’ juicy September pilot. Who’s dead? Who’s the killer? How does everyone we’ve come to know and love (and love to hate) on Revenge fit into this mess? This time, says Kelley, ”we’re taking a lot of care so nothing leaks.”

That means that just a week before the scene films, no one — save for Kelley and his team of writers — knows the identity of the victim or the shooter. ”My fate is still hanging in the balance,” says Josh Bowman, who plays dreamy blue blood Daniel Grayson, a possible victim and one-half of the couple being honored at the game-changing episode’s engagement party. Even Emily VanCamp, who’s usually pulling the strings as revenge master Emily Thorne, claims she isn’t clued in: ”They’ve been very careful what they tell us, because we do interviews and things like that and tend to overshare.” The precautions don’t stop at keeping the actors in the dark. ”We’re going to a very remote location to shoot what happens on the beach,” Kelley says, adding that they may film the scene multiple ways. ”Also, we’re going to make sure that all major players are on hand to deflect any speculation of who is getting killed.” Your move, paparazzi!

The fact is, though, that shooter and shootee will be identified come Feb. 15. ”Here’s the thing: I’ve always known who I wanted it to be, and then things evolve and you want to stay open,” says Kelley, who admits that ”who’s dead has changed several times” since he wrote the pilot. But that dead body isn’t the only thing to get excited about for the rest of Revenge’s freshman season. EW sat down with the show’s cast and creator to discuss what to look forward to through the May finale — and beyond.