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Sandra Gonzalez
January 25, 2012 AT 10:42 PM EST

If Kalinda didn’t already have a lot on her plate, something tells us things are about to get a lot more complicated.

The show’s lovely resident badass Archie Panjabi spilled to EW exclusively that an upcoming episode will introduce viewers to none other than Kalinda’s husband!

“In the next few episodes, Kalinda gets investigated by the IRS and just as the relationship between Alicia and Kalinda is starting to become warm again and [Kalinda] is starting to open up, her husband shows up,” teased Panjabi.

No word on exactly when hubby, who was first mentioned in an episode last season, will show up, but Panjabi is excited for the storyline possibilities. “I think it’ll be interesting to see what she would have been like in a long-term relationship because so far we’ve only seen her manipulating people and having brief relationships with people. It’d be nice to see what she would have been like. I don’t know what’s planned for the husband but that could be one idea that they might look into. I’d like to see that,” she said.

Shall we hit the casting couch, readers? EW’s Lynette Rice thinks The Practice‘s Steve Harris might be a good fit, while I’m thinking they should choose a Brit. Suggestions?

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