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James Hibberd
January 26, 2012 AT 11:34 PM EST

They had me at “Mr. Blonde.”

Alias co-star Kevin Weisman is joining the cast of NBC’s upcoming Awake in a recurring role as a mysterious character called Mr. Blonde.

The sinister Mr. Blonde will haunt Detective Britton (Jason Isaacs), playing a role in both of his parallel worlds. A man with unclear motives, it seems Mr. Blonde has revealing information about the car accident that changed Britton’s life. Since his role as tech geek Marshall Flinkman on ABC’s Alias, Weisman has appeared in episodes of NBC’s Chuck, Fox’s Fringe and Human Target.

Awake, which doesn’t have a premiere date yet, is about a man who … actually, to get a better idea how Mr. Blonde might fit into the story, here’s the trailer:

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