Kate Ward
January 27, 2012 AT 06:13 PM EST

There is plenty of ridiculata in the trailer for Lock-Out, which hits theaters April 20. There’s the fact that it features a line about a prison that, according to serious voice-over man, is “impenetrable because… it’s not on Earth.” There’s the fact that I blacked out a few seconds into the trailer because the prison alarm — activated after the incarcerated take over the space prison — sounds exactly like my iPhone alarm, and I cannot deal with the terrible feeling associated with that sound this late in the day. And there’s the fact that the badass man (Guy Pearce) commissioned to save the President’s daughter (Maggie Grace) is named… Snow. Still, there’s no denying that this looks like a delightfully fun film to see in theaters. Think Escape From New York… but not on Earth. Trailer after the jump.

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