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January 27, 2012 AT 06:02 PM EST

Apparently it’s (badass) ladies week here at Spoiler Room! Just look at all those pretty people in the picture!

But dish on tough women from TV isn’t the only thing in store this week. I also have a little something for Gossip Girl fans, New Girl fans and…wait…WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN?!? (A question I ask myself daily. But that’s another issue.) Well, read on — there is something for everyone here. (Including an announcement for fans of Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf!)

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As I not so subtly teased in last week’s column, I hopped on the phone with Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer this week ahead of the 150th episode to get a status on our friends at the BAU. And in the process, she was also kind enough to take on a few of the many, many questions y’all sent in. (If you don’t see yours here, maybe I addressed it in the piece earlier this week, which you can read here.) Read on for more:

Hi, would love to know if Hotch love-interest Beth is here to stay? Love the character and I hope she is! Thanks! —  A Big Hotch Fan

In short, yes, she’ll be sticking around. To elaborate, Messer says she hopes that Hotch’s joy and excitement over this new relationship is as important to fans as it is to her. “There’s no win across the board,” she says. “Finding a girlfriend for him was never going to be an easy task, but I think just seeing that he’s happy and having fun outweighs anybody else’s take on it.”

When is the next girls’ night out coming up for Emily, J.J., and Garcia? — ZsaZsa

The timing of your question is impeccable, ZsaZsa! Because in just a few episodes, the trio will find themselves having a little bonding time — but off screen. “In four episodes, the girls have a girls’ night on the books, so it’s talked about,” says Messer. “Then we see the aftermath of that girls’ night, which is too much to drink.” But before girl fun can be had, the two sole members of the BAU’s parents club will find themselves dealing with familial issues — J.J. (A.J. Cook) must find a babysitter for Henry, and Hotch has a discussion with Beth about how they should explain to Jack who she is. “It’s both of the parents on our team having a little bit of a struggle with what do [it means] to be good parents and then the team as a whole has a really nice moment at the end of the episode,” she says.

 We know Garcia & Morgan get a bit “too friendly” in 7×13, any scoop on details? Perhaps this is Nicholas Brendan’s last episode, or will he be back later? Will the team find out about the drama? — KL

All Messer could dish (in addition to what I call the Great Towel Tease of 2012) about the “tricky” situation was that despite her initial hesitations to address the long-held belief by some fan that these two team members are a match-made in crime-fighting heaven, she ultimately was pleased with how they chose to proceed. “I just thought, ‘Are we going too far down a road that we can’t come back?'” she says. But after getting input from actors Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangness, Messer says they made sure the result was “a great tease.”

“[Some] might wonder, ‘What just happened? Was that a dream?'” she says.


Revenge may have been off this week, but luckily, the scoop was flowing when EW recently caught up with EP Mike Kelley for our cover story on the new hit drama. So, with dish in hand, let’s take a batch of questions.

Is everything going to come to a head once we get to the murder ep? Like, does anyone find out something about Emily’s plan, thus spurring the murder? — Jen

Oh, with the specifics, Jen! But what I can tell you is that the show will throw many surprises into the so-called murder episode, but EP Mike Kelley is still keeping some stuff up his sleeve. “It’s pretty spooky what happens on the beach because we’re going into a trial for the murderer. Some of the surprises are going to come out in upcoming episodes, after the engagement party. But there will be one thing that people did not see coming,” he tells EW’s Tanner Stransky.

Is Emily going to question what she’s doing or feel bad about who she’s hurting? — Kirsten

If you mean, ‘Does Emily have a heart?’, the answer is absolutely. In fact, it sort of gets in the way around the time of the engagement party. “The reason that Emily doesn’t cancel this party is because she’s trying to protect somebody that’s been abducted. Somebody has been kidnapped as insurance,” Kelley said. ” She’s going through with the engagement party to protect an innocent.” Oh, souls; they’re so pesky.

Any hints as to why Nolan is so cold to Emily at the engagement party? Is that something we see happen closer to the murder episode or something that’s a slow build? — Tracy

Can’t say. But speaking of slow build, you should prepare for exactly that when it comes to the David Clarke mystery at large, according to Kelley. “There’s no end to that, until the series comes to a conclusion, especially now that we have these tapes and we have new ways of learning truths,” he dishes. “The fact that Emily didn’t know that Charlotte is her sister, there are revelations that Emily is going to be having. She doesn’t have all the answers, which she starts to learn. Then you start to learn who really may have the answers and how this conspiracy really goes.” IT’S THE DOG! (Not. But hmm…)

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