Kate Ward
January 27, 2012 AT 10:30 PM EST

''Chicken'' George Boswell: Bill Inoshita/CBS

The Artist blooper reel is awesome for so many reasons: First, you’ll increase your French vocabulary by learning how to say “bloopers” in la français. (It’s “betisier.” Why instead my high school French teacher taught me to say “launch pad” in French — “rampe de lancement” — I’ll never know.) Second, you’ll see how a blooper reel would look in old, 1920s Hollywood. (They would be so refined. I think I’ll kill myself.) And, finally, of course, Uggie. Plenty of Uggie. Quick poll: Who’s the real star of this movie? Uggie, or Jean Dujardin’s eyebrows? Clip after the jump!

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