Super Bowl 2012: Regis Philbin cameos in Pepsi MAX ad |

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Regis Philbin returns to TV in a big way with Super Bowl ad for Pepsi MAX

In case you’ve had troubling visions of Regis Philbin sitting around the house twiddling his thumbs in the months since his final Live! show, you can stop fretting. The multitasking 80-year-old’s first television appearance since Nov. 18 is a pretty big deal, even if he has a small part. Philbin makes a cameo in a Pepsi MAX ad featuring a Coke Zero delivery man with a cheatin’ heart and a dry mouth. Watch the ad after the jump.

So, PopWatchers, if he’s pulling in these kinds of endorsement deals, how long ‘til Reeg sequesters himself to his estate and wiles away his days swimming in money, Scrooge McDuck-style?

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