Mandi Bierly
February 01, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EST

Here at PopWatch we’re committed to keeping you informed about the things you may not need to know, but that you want to know. So, yes, go ahead and guess which TV actor is an avid hunter with an adventurous palette and a passion for taxidermy? 

The answer is Parks and Recreation‘s Chris Pratt. Yes, he’s talked about eating squirrel on Conan before (he’s saving a possum story for his next visit), but he shares more than you ever wanted to know about his hobby in the February issue of Outdoor Life. Find out which guns he prefers while hunting Rocky Mountain Elk, big body Muleys, coyote, white tail, antelope, and groundhogs; what kind of knife wife Anna Faris got him for a present, and how he might spend his old age. “It’s been a while since I tanned anything,” he says. “The last thing I did was a coyote. It didn’t turn out great, and I felt like I wasted the pelt. Since then, I’ve taken all my trophies to a pro. But when I retire one day, I could see tanning being a craft I could really get into.” [Insert your own Ron Swanson joke here.]

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