Aly Semigran
February 01, 2012 AT 08:53 PM EST

Considering he’s starring in no less than five movies this year alone (Haywire, The Vow, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) you’ve got to wonder if there’s anything Channing Tatum can’t — or won’t — do at this point. (Well, aside from beating Gina Carano in a brawl. Though to be fair, no one can do that.)

While the increasingly busy star (is he the male answer to Jessica Chastain?) is adding first-time Saturday Night Live host to his resume this weekend, the handsome every(where)man revealed he is actually incapable of some things in his SNL promo. Turns out, Tatum can’t imitate the Dirty Dancing lift quite as perfectly as Ryan Gosling did in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and even he has trouble pronouncing his name. (He can, however, say Bon Iver correctly. Respect.) Watch the spot with Choo-Choo Something and Fred Armisen below:

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