Dalton Ross
February 03, 2012 AT 05:00 PM EST


The recent news that there are plans in the works for a possible Dwight Schrute spin-off from The Office had us thinking two things. (1) Why? And (2) What are the best and worst TV spin-offs ever? Kristen Baldwin, Jessica Shaw, and I reveal our picks on the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast. Which spin-offs were actually worth it and became classics in their own right? And which abominations (The Tortellis! Booker! Golden Palace! Joanie Loves Chachi!) made our list for the worst of the worst? Listen in and find out!

Speaking of problematic television, we also break down the recent X Factor bloodbath, with Paula Adbul, Nicole Scherzinger, and Steve Jones all getting the boot.  Out of the kindness of our collective heart, we provide the Fox network and Simon Cowell with a plan to get the show on track, offering up our dream judges and host to join the program and make it the buzz-worthy event it most certainly was not last fall. See if you agree with our picks, or offer up your own.

To join in on the fun, just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first let us know what you think: Do you like the idea of a Dwight Schrute spin-off? What are the best and worst TV spin-offs ever? And whom would you like to see as the new judges and host on The X Factor? The message boards are open for business!

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