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February 03, 2012 AT 11:42 PM EST

Though every year has its share of Force-wielding kids and anthropomorphized animals that become part of the national zeitgeist, many companies believe that their millions are best spent on a proven quality: Star power. It’s an age-old formula — Household name (celebrity) + household name (brand) = Winning. But what about the other way around? Do celebrity cameos in game day TV spots lead to an discernible boost in each stars’ careers? For every Betty White, there’s a Robert Goulet. We run down 10 examples of Super Bowl commercials that helped celebrities — plus a few that just didn’t work. Read on…

10. Cindy Crawford

Fashionistas were familiar with the supermodel and House of Style host in the early ’90s, but it was Crawford’s sweat-and-sex 1992 Pepsi ad that took her to the next level. She may have been introducing Pepsi’s new can, but all eyes were on this fresh-faced all-American girl that viewers were happy to drink up. Pepsi, hoping to relive the glory, even aired a Diet Pepsi reboot during the 2005 Super Bowl. It was the most viewed commercial of the year, but by that point Crawford was happily ensconced in marriage, motherhood, and chilling with famous pal George Clooney.

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