Shaunna Murphy
February 03, 2012 AT 11:16 PM EST

Christopher Walken: Armando Gallo / Retna

If you were one of the roughly 12.6 million viewers who tuned in weekly to the glittery chaos that was The X Factor — and if you weren’t, shame on you for getting Steve Jones fired — you might recall the occasional casual mention of a Super Bowl Pepsi commercial for the winner. The X Factor was all about subtlety. Anywho, Melanie Amaro’s prize commercial, “Kings’s Court,” has finally arrived, and it’s every bit as silly and garish as one would expect from the minds responsible for this.

The spot’s biggest draw is the presence of Sir Elton John, who graciously took time off from his feud with halftime star Madonna to vamp it up with Amaro. John plays the authoritarian ruler of an alternate universe suffering from a worldwide Pepsi shortage, and Amaro is the Robin Hood-like figure who brings this selfish monarch to justice. Somehow Flavor Flav is also involved; his spirit transcending across the universe to make a believer out of everyone in America.

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