Annie Barrett
February 05, 2012 AT 10:32 PM EST

Wentworth Miller Photograph By Brian Bowen Smith

What is…football? Is it that thing where polar bears try to maul each other to death while figure skating, all for the sake of a bottle of Coca-Cola even though we all know by this point that polar bears subsist ONLY on Coke and have a seemingly endless supply? Sports are amazing.

Anyway, you know I just tune in for the commercials. I’ve seen a bunch of them, but obviously I’m not as sensitive as EW’s morality maven Adam B. Vary, who thinks that seeing Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl is wrong and possibly also un-American. Whoa. Get in the game, Adam! Pour a bowl of queso on your head and look alive! These are the most exciting commercials of the YEAR! We might get a better glimpse of David Beckham’s bulge!

You can watch all the commercials HERE.


Clint Eastwood for Chrysler

Detroit has done it again! First Eminem, now the voice of Mount Rushmore.


Oikos yogurt

Have mercy! We all know anything featuring John Stamos is an instant classic.


The Voice

Same goes for Super Bowl darling Betty White. Cee Lo wore the Bride’s yellow tracksuit.



Ditto Vanessa Williams, obviously.


Volkswagen, The Dog Strikes Back

This one was way more high-concept than last year’s The Force. If that sad, fat dog can turn his life around, then so can you! Just buy a car already.

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