Kyle Anderson
February 06, 2012 AT 08:24 PM EST

Last night’s Super Bowl was big on drama, short on entertaining ads (though the one starring Mötley Crüe, featuring a rhino rodeo, sticks out the most to us), and heavy on music-related highlights.

There was Madonna’s halftime show, Kelly Clarkson’s on-point take on “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and even Katy Perry’s Saturday night Tebowing.

For sheer ingenuity, however, you have to tip your hat to OK Go. No stranger to elaborate, complicated music videos, the band took on the challenge of playing through a necessarily remixed version of their song “Needing/Getting” (from their woefully underrated 2010 album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky) using a whole bunch of guitars, dozens of keyboards, and a handful of homemade instruments.

Does that not sound impressive? What if we told you they played said instruments in a speeding car?

The video, which ran in shortened form last night as an ad for Chevrolet (the band used a custom-fitted Chevy Sonic), is below in all its violation-of-the-laws-of-physics glory.

Just for the sake of comparison, here’s the song as it was recorded on Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

What do you think of the video? It didn’t really get the point across as an advertisement, did it? And is it weird that the most impressive moment is when they are rhythmically opening and closing the car doors as the beginning?


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