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February 08, 2012 AT 07:58 PM EST

Marla Sokoloff: Theo Wargo/

Back in 2003, a Chicago sports bar purchased the infamous Bartman ball for $113,824 just so it could exorcise the Cubs demons by blowing it up. I hope that’s what the person who’s the current high-bidder to buy the “one-of-kind” baseball autographed by Kim Kardashian and her soon-to-be ex, Kris Humphries, has in mind. A bidder named Wahoopaz is apparently willing to part with $1,025 for the unusual ball, which was signed when the basketball star and Minnesota native threw out the first pitch before a Twins game last July.

Don’t start celebrating yet, Wahoopaz. There’s plenty of time for someone else to steal your treasure that’s sealed with Kim’s XOs. The auction ends on… wait for it… Valentine’s Day. All proceeds go to the team’s Community Fund, so at least it’s for a good cause. Charity aside, though, a grand seems like a lot to pay for baseball memorabilia signed by two reality all-stars. After all, a Donald Trump ball is going for only $139, and a Charlie Sheen ball can be had for only $199 — and he at least played baseball in a movie. Makes me suspect one of two possibilities: Either this special baseball isn’t long for this world, or Wahoopaz is an alias for someone deep within the Dash Empire.

Do you think the winner of this unique piece of baseball memorabilia has any chance of surviving Valentines Day? What’s your best guess for the identity of Wahoopaz?

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