Aly Semigran
February 08, 2012 AT 06:33 PM EST

It seems like Michelle Obama‘s “Let’s Move!” initiative is a program that’s not only been set in motion to defeat the ongoing struggle of childhood obesity in America, but one that’s also focused on the First Lady single-handedly kicking the butt of each and every one of our beloved talk show hosts. (It’s pretty safe to say, so far she’s winning that particular part of the challenge.)

Apparently Jimmy Fallon missed when Mrs. Obama bested Ellen DeGeneres in a push-up challenge on her show a few weeks ago, because the Late Night host unwisely challenged the First Lady to a friendly fitness competition at the White House. Watch the clip below as Fallon, representing for Team 12:37 AM Coach Potato, faces Michelle “Eye of the Tiger” Obama in hula hoop, tug of war, dodge ball, potato sack race, and yep, push-up competitions, below. (Let’s just say it, Jay Leno got off easy.)

Can you even fathom what she’d put Conan O’Brien through?! So, would you declare First Lady Michelle Obama the clear victor throughout? Or did Jimmy Fallon put up a pretty good fight? Did you catch that cameo by Bo? Share in the comments section below, PopWatchers.

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