Stephan Lee
February 08, 2012 AT 10:00 PM EST

Say what you will about this season of Top Chef — sure, the challenges haven’t been too inspiring, and there haven’t been that many standout contestants — but Last Chance Kitchen is where it’s all going down! Like Top Chef‘s version of Redemption Island, Last Chance Kitchen is the series of webisodes that has eliminated contestants face off head-to-head for a chance to return to the competition. Nyesha, prematurely eliminated in a group challenge for a mistake that wasn’t her fault, went on a five-challenge winning streak until the embattled Beverly — who’s been bullied pretty much nonstop by mean girls Heather, Sarah, and Lindsay — unseated her. She then went on to beat Chris Jones, and last week, she faced Grayson, who’s been her strongest ally all season. That match-up ended with a cliffhanger, and we’ll see who will return to the competition in tonight’s episode.

While Grayson has been one of my favorites (she won major points for sassing Tom Colicchio about the merits of chicken salad vs. meatballs), I’ll be rooting for Beverly’s return tonight. I think her meekness and klutziness mask the fact that she’s capable of creating perfectly balanced dishes. And just for the sake of the season, I want her presence to spice things up — can you imagine Sarah’s face if Beverly walked through the doors? That would be priceless. I’m cheering for the underdog.

Top Chef fans, who are you hoping will return tonight? Who do you think will return? Check back later tonight to see my recap and Gail Simmons’ guest blog — in the meantime, sound off below!

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