Aly Semigran
February 09, 2012 AT 04:48 PM EST

Even if you haven’t gotten around to seeing Alexander Payne’s Oscar-nominated tragicomedy The Descendants yet (which you’d better hop to, considering there’s only 17 days left until the 84th Annual Academy Awards), you probably already know quite a bit about it. You certainly know that the film has done well on the awards circuit thus far (thanks, largely to Best Actor nominee George Clooney), you know it’s been a favorite amongst critics, and if you saw the first trailer for the movie, then you know its about a family man living in a Hawaiian paradise but dealing with the hell of coming to terms with his recently injured wife’s infidelity.

But in new TV spots for the Fox Searchlight film, it looks as though they’re advertising under the assumption that most people have seen it by now. One particular trailer shows a moment from the pivotal final scene between Clooney’s Matt King and his wife in her hospital room. While the snippet may not give the heartbreaking finale away entirely, it might just take the impact of that integral moment away. This particular scene is one of the film’s biggest emotional gut-punches, but if moviegoers already know it’s coming, will it have the same effect?

I certainly understand some of their logic in teasing part of the scene, considering it’s one of the film’s highlights and this is the time for a big, final pre-Oscar push. But are these ads (which also feature a quick shot of The Descendants very last scene between Clooney and his on-screen daughters) cheating newcomers?

Have you seen these new ads for The Descendants, PopWatchers? Were you as surprised to see them revealing that particular scene? Will it take away from the emotional impact when new audiences do finally see it? Or is it all still pretty vague? Share in the comments section below.

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